Money Market &
financial transaction services

For clients looking for a money market investment, which offers liquidity, security and higher returns than one would typically enjoy from a call account, Pointbreak offers money market unit trusts characterised by:

  • an investment philosophy of capital preservation
  • prudent unit trust governance and compliance with regulations
  • funds are held in the custody of Standard Bank Namibia on behalf of investors
  • unit trusts registered with Namfisa and subject to audits by Namfisa and Pointbreak's internal and external auditors and
  • a diverse, qualified and experienced investment committee

Money market products include bank call and fixed deposits, government treasury bills and bonds. Transaction services such as payments, letters of good standing, balance statements and safe custody of certificates are also offered for our clients' convenience.

The Pointbreak Money Market Unit Trust delivers:

  • Competitive returns
  • One day liquidity
  • Capital preservation
  • Convenient transaction services

Deposits to your Pointbreak Money Market accounts may be made by:

  • Electronic funds transfer
  • Debit order instruction

No cash deposits are permitted. Deposits are routed through our settlement agent, Standard Bank Namibia Ltd.

Withdrawals are transferred electronically and directly to our clients' bank accounts, ensuring immediate access to funds. The notice period for withdrawals is 1 day, but same day withdrawals can be arranged if instructions are received by Pointbreak before 10:00. It is important to inform us about transfers and or deposits made to your Pointbreak account. Clients may do so via our secure online channel accessed via or via email.

Investment portfolio

As circumstances inevitably change and markets evolve, clients' portfolios are reviewed periodically.

In addition to reviewing your portfolio with you and rebalancing it where necessary to achieve your financial goals, we also view it as our responsibility to help you to stick to your strategic investment objectives during times of market volatility and not to take hasty decisions that may be regretted at a later stage.

We provide you with real-time online access to your investment portfolio and issue you with monthly statements so that you are always informed about your portfolio performance.

Financial &
retirement planning

We assist our clients in achieving financial security through pre- and post-retirement planning. The process includes personal discussions where we gain insight into their financial situation, current and future needs, aspirations and investment risk appetite.

A solution consisting of the most appropriate products and services will be offered to our client.

We will also assist with document completion and implementing the financial plan.

Pointbreak also offers a Life File which assists clients to consolidate documentation relating to investments, property and assets, liabilities, insurance policies and a Last Will and Testament. An up to date Life File contributes towards the efficient management of an estate portfolio.

Trusts, wills &
estate services

A will is an important part of your financial plan. We, through our group companies Pointbreak Trust and Estates and FNB Fiduciary Services, can assist you in preparing a will in accordance with your unique requirements.

We also offer assistance with the establishments of trusts and the incorporation of such trusts into your financial plan and estate.